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A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court nixed a challenge to government rules that made an abortion drug easier to get, but access may not be safe from future attacks, Bloomberg Law explains. Several Republican-led states are primed to pick up the mantle after the court agreed the anti-abortion doctors that brought the case did not have standing to sue. Notably, Missouri, Idaho, and Kansas already intervened in the case before the district court, alleging their own unique harms. The states claim their residents are suffering serious medical complications that require emergency care after taking mifepristone obtained through the mail and the states must pay for much of that care through Medicaid.

About one-third of U.S. employer health plans are offering coverage of GLP-1 drugs for both diabetes management and weight loss, up from last year, Reuters writes, citing a survey of global employers released on Thursday by the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans. GLP-1 drugs for weight loss grew as a portion of employers’ overall medical claims spending to 8.9% in 2024 from 6.9% in 2023. Only about 26% of employers offered the drugs last year. Some 57% of employers surveyed cover the drugs only for diabetic care. Of those, 19% are considering offering the drugs for weight loss.

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